A Day In My Life: 16 May 2008

Well, here we are once again on the 16th of the month – although this month I am writing this the day after cause I was waaaayyy too tired to write it out last night.  Slacker!

So here I am, writing this out now and watching the Vicar of Dibley.  It is the funniest show ever and I’m so putting the box set on my Xmas list.

Yesterday I was at work, then I went to the gym and then I went out for coffee and cake so it was a busy day.

So without further ado, here is what I did on the 16th May 2008:

4.50am – hit the snooze button and again at 4.55am

5.00am – bugga, better get up then.  Hang on… I don’t have to get up ’til 5.20am.  Bonus!  Reset the alarm for 5.15am.

5.15am – hit the snooze button yet again and also again at 5.20am.

5.25am – hit the snooze button and turn it off.  It really is time to get up 😦  Cuddle Ginger and then get up.

6.40am – leave the house and start driving to my friends house close to the city where I’ll catch the bus from.

6.50am – listen to the radio and am reminded that we are supposed to have a massive storm with hail, rain, thunder, lightening and if you are lucky, floods and decide to be paranoid about trees falling on my car and change where I’m going to park.  Take a left and drive straight into the city to park in a car park for the day.

7.10am – stop at the cafe near work to grab a coffee.  My first for the week.  It’s been a long week and today is day 7 out of 7 with most spare time spent at the gym or tafe.  TGIF!!!

7.30am – there’s no sugar in the kitchen so I decide to try honey and milo on my porridge and hope that it will taste good.  Eat my breakfast and decide that honey and milo and porridge just don’t go and I will not be recommending it to anyone.  Wash my bowl out and look out the window at the world.  It still looks pretty nice out there.  Wonder if I should be annoyed that the weather is fine and I have paid for parking or that I should be thankful that the weather is fine and then there won’t be any problems.

7.45am – start work and answer some calls.

9.50am – log out late for my first break, go have a snack, check my emails and bloglines.

10.10am – find out that I didn’t log out and realise that I’ll now have to do more work today than I was anticipating to be able to meet my daily targets 😦

12.00noon – log out for lunch and get a piece of pizza and sushi so that I can keep my sandwhich for dinner.  Ring Grandma to check in on her.  Find out that the freezer is ok and we won’t need to buy another fridge, thankfully.  Get back to work and check my emails and bloglines again.

12.30pm – log back in to the phones.

14.15pm – log out for my last break.  Talk to my desk buddy who I’m going out for coffee with later and have a hilarious conversation with her cause she thought we were going to Spatz and I thought we were going to the Elephant Walk.  As she isn’t fond of the Elephant Walk we confirm to meet at Spatz.

15.35pm – log out for the last time and I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to start my weekend.  Hip hip hooray…….

16.00pm – leave the car park feeling like a drowned rat and madly try to keep the windows from fogging up so that I can see where I’m going.

16.30pm – pop into Quiltaholics to buy some wadding for the baby quilt that I’m making.  Only problem is is that Cheryl has a customer already and she seems to be buying all the pink fabric in the shop.  It looks like it will be a pretty quilt.  Tell Cheryl I’ll get the wadding on Thursday when I’m in for quilt class.  Cause really there is no rush and I’ll be busy enough this weekend doing my assignment and homework due Tuesday.

16.40pm – get to the gym and change.  Get to the room and wait for the class to start.

17.00pm – start the class.  It’s Attack tonight, my second for the week.  Feel like death warmed over and really sore from all the other exercise I’ve done during the week.  Wonder what I’m doing there but just keep moving…

18.00pm – finish the class and feel very proud that I finished it!

18.10pm – start walking on the treadmill and get the ipod sorted to listen to Week 2 of the Couch to 5km Podcast.

18.20pm – Friends is on the tv in front of the treadmill and although there is no sound and I’m listening to my ipod I remember the episode and am laughing whilst I’m running.  Wonder what everyone else thinks of the strange girl at the end who is laughing for no reason whilst she is running.  Decide I don’t care and keep laughing cause it makes me happy.

18.40pm – finish the podcast, refill my water bottle and go get changed back into my clothes, ready to go out for coffee and cake.  Yum.  Get in the car, eat my sandwhich and drive to Spats.

19.00pm – arrive at Spats, ring my friend and find out she is minutes away so I go on in and get a table and peruse the menu to work out what I’m going to have.

19.05pm – my friend arrives, she and her friend sit down, we order and enjoy our desserts.  We talk for a while and enjoy just being somewhere other than work, the gym, tafe or home.

21.00pm – I am nearly falling asleep, it is so comfy there!  We decide that it’s time to leave so we pay the bill, collect our coats and walk outside to our cars.

21.30pm – get home.  Way too tired to take anything other than my handbag inside so leave everything else in the car.

21.40pm – write yesterday’s post, check emails and bloglines, chat to Grandma and watch the end of the football.

22.00pm – bedtime!  I am sooo looking forward to getting a good restful sleep and being able to sleep in in the morning*

*little do I know that I won’t be able to get to sleep for ages and then will wake up every other hour, hear the pouring rain and start worrying (irrationally) about trees falling on the roof or the roof caving in due to excess water and I’ll be up at 8.30am.


One thought on “A Day In My Life: 16 May 2008

  1. I get tired reading just your day but it sure sounded like fun in the end….. the friends episode with you laughing made me smile and you going for cake after working your but off in the gym!

    You sure start your day early!

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