How Many?

I haven’t been doing a lot lately just finishing things up.  I’ve now finished the binding on Blue + Tan and will label that this weekend, finally finished hand sewing the binding onto the last remaining 8 placemats and I got Asian Pinwheels up to a point where I could quilt it at quilt class.

I went to quilt class yesterday and quilted most of it and then last night when I couldn’t sleep I finished it off.  I’ll attach the binding by machine tonight.

I’m also going to get some hearts ready to applique onto the background for Doreen’s Hearts so that I can take them with me to do when I have down time.  I have been doing this with my placemats but now they are thankfully all done 😀

I’m also going to concentrate on finishing off Memories of Spring.

It was funny at quilt class.  One of the ladies asked me how many quilts I’ve got on the go.  And I said that I wasn’t sure but then I semi worked it out in my head and it’s around 8!!!

So I definitely think it’s time to start finishing them off.  Although except for Memories of Spring – which needs the applique done – I don’t have any other completed tops, they are all quilted so it’s not that bad….

I also got to see Tazzie’s Cinnamon Xmas quilt which has the balloon fabric in this post on the back which I’ve fallen in love with and also the quilt top (it’s beautiful).  I also know which quilt I’d put it on the back of.  Now, just to save up to get it!

Well, I’m now off to do the binding on Asian Pinwheels.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a wonderful Mother’s Day 🙂


So, my current list of things to do as at 8/5/08:

  • finish applique on Memories of Spring
  • attach binding onto Blue + Tan by machine – 15/4/08
  • attach binding onto Blue + Tan by hand – 5/5/08
  • finish butterfly placemats – 25/4/08
  • hand sew binding onto Jan’s placemats – 9/5/08
  • attach binding to Asian Pinwheels
  • handstitch binding to Asian Pinwheels
  • applique hearts

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