Still Busy

Well, I’m still busy!

I just had a weekend off which for me is quite rare as I usually work them (at my choice) so it was nice to pretend to be “normal” for a change 😀

Friday night I hung/hanged at a friend’s house for a few hours before coming home to drop into my bed exhausted.

Saturday I went to Big W and bought a container to put all the clothes that I no longer want into it.  I then went out with my friend Tony.   We started at Officeworks as I needed a new ipod cause I accidentally drowned my old one in my handbag – I put my water bottle in my handbag not realising that I had left the top open.  Result, a drowned ipod and a very wet handbag!

Then we went for lunch at a yiros place on O’Connell St before heading down to Semaphore for some icecream.

That night I went to learn how to put movies onto my new ipod and accidentally deleted my whole iTunes library.  I was not happy but was expecting it as when I was deleting I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing or not.  Obviously not!  Lesson learned… do a system restore point on the ‘puter before you delete important stuff.  Or at the very least, back it up.

So last night was mainly about learning how to put movies onto my ipod and also downloading all my songs again as well as starting to upload the ones that I do have on cd.

Today I did heaps of things.

I started with my wardrobe(s).  They have been bugging me forever as they are really messy and full of clothes that I don’t really want.  So I tossed a whole heap of clothes on the floor and will put them into the container that I bought yesterday.  I’ll see if I can give them away to friends/family and if not, I’ll try to sell some on ebay and then give the rest away.

They look much nicer and neater now 😀

So then I went to Spotlight cause I needed some more fabric for the baby quilts that I’m making.  I’m really proud of myself.  I only bought what I needed and no more than that.  One of my cheaper visits!

From there I went to Caltex to put petrol in my car, then I washed my car, dropped into Woolworths for some groceries to tide us over till Friday when I have the day off again, Gloria Jeans for a coffee and finishing my outing at Foodland for some ham – Grandma thinks that theirs is better and keeps fresher.  I don’t really notice the difference; but, it keeps her happy if I get it there.

Then when I got home I put some washing in the machine, continued making a backing for Asian Pinwheels, uploading songs and leader/endering the baby quilt – Green Ladybirds.

I then pinned Asian Pinwheels ready for Thursday’s quilt class – can’t wait – had some dinner and then did a little bit of hand sewing on Blue + Tan.  I don’t have that much to go and once that is done, I just have to label it, wrap it up and wait for the first weekend in June.

So that’s what I’ve been doing this weekend.  Sorry it’s not set out any better but I need to go to bed cause 5.20am is really early and I need my beauty sleep 🙂

Quick question though for those that have read to the end….

Should I:

(a) pay off my loan first or;

(b) start saving for a house deposit that I will need in the next 3 – 5 years?

I know what a financial planner/accountant would say and I know that if I pay off the loan sooner I save money in interest and all that but that doesn’t really help me if I need to move out in the next couple of years.

Cause when I have to move out I would really like to buy my own house and have some stability instead of renting.

Thanks in advance 🙂


One thought on “Still Busy

  1. ????????????What loan…did I miss something in this or another post?
    Depends on how bid said loan is I guess.
    Saving for a deposit is always good but with that comes the cutting back on things like Gloria Jeans and getting quilts quilted by Tazzie etc.

    Sounds like you are working almost at capacity now…why can’t you stay with Grandma and look after her as she gets older and in exchange buy into her house…of course she may not own her own house so what do I know? Is there a big reason you will have to move out…like fer going into an assisted living place? Aren’t I nosy?

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