Kathleen, quite often I stay in my jammies for the day ‘specially when I have days off and I feel that I’ve been overworked during the week. In fact, I feel another coming on for this Sunday!

Paula, thanks for the comment. I love my jammy days. I always feel like I get heaps done šŸ˜€


Long time no write!

I’ve been really busy this week with working, TAFE starting back this week and actually going to the gym that I haven’t had a spare minute to myself let alone do some sewing šŸ˜¦

Poor me šŸ˜›

I have been working on Jan’s placemats here and there and also my hexagons when I’m at work but other than that… nothing!

I now have the weekend off so I’m hoping to get Blue + Tan’s hand binding finished and perhaps a back for Asian Pinwheels and also pin it so that I can take it to quilt class on Thursday to quilt.

*fingers crossed*

Hope everyone had a wonderful week, a fantastic weekend šŸ˜€


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