A Long Weekend *Updated*

Thanks for playing along with the Fluff Five Paula, Andee, Rose and Tazzie.  I really enjoyed reading your answers too 😀



What a busy weekend I’ve had!  Although I went to work today I would have really loved another day off.  Why does it feel like you don’t have a long weekend when you have Friday off but it does when you have Monday off?  Strange….


I went with my Mum and her partner to the Inglewood Dawn Service.  Going to a Dawn Service is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while but haven’t gotten around to so I thought I’d do it this year.

I took quite a few pictures and then when I got home I had fun playing with them in Picnic (Flikr’s version of “mental blank”).

I think I made some of the pics look heaps better!!

This photo is after Picnic.  The before pic is in my Flickr group in the Inglewood Set.

Then I spent all morning working on the butterfly placemats and got them finished and wrapped up ready to give away.  I then worked on the placemats that I had promised my second cousin.

In the afternoon my cousin came along and we went to the picutres and saw “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” which was quite funny.  Not completely my sense of humour but it was funny in some parts.  There were parts that were really funny but no one else was laughing so I couldn’t!  Although my cousin was as well so we sat there chuckling to ourselves 😀

Then we came home and had dinner and she/we looked through the patterns that I’ve liked and kept from AP&Q.  She choose a pattern that we are going to do together and for me to teach her how to patchwork.  I don’t think I’m the greatest teacher so we’ll see how we go.

I’ve cut out all my fabric and made one block as an example.  I think it will look pretty when it’s finished and this will then end up as a Xmas quilt for me or someone else.


I took my Mum shopping at West Lakes.  She wanted to look for something to wear to my brother’s 21st.  She didn’t find anything however, I did remember an outfit from Noni B that I thought would be suitable for me.

So that afternoon I went down to Marion to meet a friend for coffee and we also looked at the outfit.  I tried it on and bought it!  There are a couple of pictures in my Flickr stream as I have been getting feedback from all my friends 🙂  Feel free to tell me what you think.  I’ll be taking the photos down by the end of the week as I don’t really like to be on the internet.

So, I then came home.  Watched Harry Potter #4 and finished sewing the binding by machine onto the placemats.  I just want to say now that if you ever hear me mention making any more placemats, slap me!  I just have sew the binding down by hand now and they are allllll done.

I also decided to change the ladybird quilt to pink and blue pinwheels.  That way I just have to make 2 and it doesn’t matter if the babies are boys or girls cause it will suit either.  Problem Solvered!

I now have a couple of spare blocks and yellow half square triangles that I don’t know what to do with.



I spent most of the day in my jammies.  I did do a run to the fish shop to get fish for Grandma and also to Gloria Jeans for a coffee and from there I spent the afternoon and evening hand sewing the binding onto Blue + Tan quilt.  I now have 1 side plus a little bit.  Then it’s a label and that’s done too 🙂

I also finished sewing the flowers onto Memories of Spring.  All that’s left on that one is the four butterflies but they’ll have to wait until the binding on Blue + Tan and the placemats are done.

After that I’ll start appliquing the hearts on Doreen’s Hearts and making backing for Asian Pinwheels to take to the next quilt class to do the “mental blank” on it.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself!  First things, first….

Finish the binding on the quilt and the placemats 🙂


updated 29/4/08

Emma, I enjoyed reading your Fluff Five as well 🙂  I only did it as soon as I saw it cause I knew that if I left it to later it wouldn’t get done!  Kind of like the rego sticker for the car……

Tazzie, yes, you must!  Lol 😀

Oh, and how could I forget!  My (baby) list of things to do!

So, my current list of things to do as at 28/4/08:

  • bind 16 Patch – 12/4/08
  • bind Heart Love – 22/4/08
  • finish applique on Memories of Spring
  • attach binding onto Blue + Tan by machine – 15/4/08
  • attach binding onto Blue + Tan by hand
  • finish butterfly placemats – 25/4/08
  • hand sew binding onto Jan’s placemats

Gah!  Gotta go back to work.  Hope you all have a great day 😀


3 thoughts on “A Long Weekend *Updated*

  1. Ooh someone else who stays in jammies all day! Looking forward to slapping you when you mention placemats again…why so many are they all for you? Am off to flickr now to check you out…whoops mean check your outfit out. Thans for playing it was fun wasn’t it and I almost spilled my first coffee of teh day when I saw you had written..is that a challenge Kathleen….it was like being there!!!

    My son did it too cause the same young lady tagged him his response is here and he did some nice photos too. Have to tell you that his room shows up the rest of the flat as I have sewing everywhere. He has his room sort of like compartments …sleeping…writing…television and games etc etc…I just have sewing everywhere.
    His blog is http://cjwriter.com/2008/04/28/5-things-about-me/

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