Fluff Five

Ohhh, Kathleen….. is that a challenge???? 😀

Ok, you’re on!  But only quickly as I do have to go and do some more hand sewing!

Five things found in your bag

1] My IPod Shuffle and IPod mini 6gig

2] Wallet with credit card as well as money and many loyalty cards so that I can get “free” coffees!

3] A spare bag of silver, cause I get sick of carrying it around in my purse

4] My Polar F11 Heartrate Monitor so that I always have it on me when I go to the gym

5] My mobile phone.  I feel lost and naked when I don’t have it

Five favourite things in your (sewing) room

1] My sewing table.  It used to be Grandma’s kitchen table.  Perfect for pinning quilts

2] A couch that I bought at Christmas so that when my Mum and her partner comes down I have somewhere comfy to sleep

3] An empty vaccuum cleaner box that I’ve now filled with in progress quilts

4] My laptop, cause it is much warmer in here than in the study!

5] A TV with DVD and VCR, cause I need to be entertained whilst I create my quilts 😀

Five things you have always wanted to do

1] Visit Europe.  Really, really, really want to

2] Be a size 10

3] Get married

4] Buy a house

5] Finish my Accounting degree and maybe actually use it?

Five things you are currently into

1] Becoming a Les Mills RPM & Pump Instructor

2] Actually finish my quilting projects!

3] Eating healthy and going to the gym

4] My cat Ginger

5] Chocolate Almonds

Five people you want to tag

I’m not sure if the people that I tag will do it as the are also busy but I’ll tag ’em and if they want to, they can.  I look forward to see their answers 😀

1] Tazzie

2] Rose

3] Emma

4] Paula

5] Andee


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