Slowly, Slowly

Hi Rose. Yes, I’ve been up to some “fun” mischief! I’ve also started sewing the left over blue half square triangles together to make a quilt out of them for my Mum’s spare room. I know I seem busy, but I think I forgot to mention I have absolutely no intention of even starting Butterfly Garden when I get it (hopefully soon, I can’t wait!) or in the near future. I’ve loved this quilt since I saw Leanne start to create and it have wanted to be able to do the BOM since it became available. I’m so glad that I can now do this.

Hi Kathleen. Terminator? I love the Terminator. Specially the second one. I’ll be back! 🙂 I reckon, those demontors are enough to give me nightmares, let alone younger kids!!!


So, I haven’t been doing much. Well, not quilt wise anyways. I’ve been working lots and went to the gym Monday night and tonight as I’m still on holidays from TAFE I went for a Bowen Therapy treatment and then decided to come home and just be.

I managed to finish the binding on Heart Love and with a label! I’ve also even written a post on it! How’s that for organised???? 😛

I’ve also started the seriously focus on finishing the Butterfly placemats. I’ve started taking them to work and doing little bits here and there in the spare minute or two I have and I’ve even done a little on the bus! I have 5.5 to go.

I haven’t done any more on Memories of Spring since I last “talked”. I plan on doing more of that on the weekend along with starting the hand bind Blue + Tan.

I’ve also got 2 Thursdays off in May so I’ll be able to go to quilt class, yay!! I want Memories of Spring all appliqued by then so that I can get help in stitching the antennia on the butterflies and then I can finish them and then hand it to Tara to quilt and pin (shhhh, don’t tell her cause I haven’t asked her yet!) so then I can perhaps finish the whole thing when I’m home looking after Grandma in July.

So, my current list of things to do as at 22/4/08:

  • bind 16 Patch – 12/4/08
  • bind Heart Love – 22/4/08
  • finish applique on Memories of Spring
  • attach binding onto Blue + Tan – 15/4/08
  • finish butterfly placemats
  • finish Jan’s placemats

Catch you all later, hope your week is going well 😀


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