Heart Love

Finished Size: 44″ x 44″

I started this quilt January this year after finding the pattern in a digest from the Yahoo Group ‘Stashbusters’.  I followed the link and liked the look of the block and thought that it was just the thing to help me use some of my 2′ squares.

I started out with the one block with a black fabric that I bought in Spotlight in January ’08:

After thinking about it and letting it stew in my head for a while I decided that I wanted to do a 3×3 setting with the first dark border and then the bigger border, like I did for my Mum’s quilt.

However, I wasn’t totally happy with the black fabric so I as I had just bought some black fabric with a white flower pattern that I thought would work really well.  Then I decided to put the blue flowers with it as I had just bought a metre or so of it from the cheap aisle.

As I was making it I had no idea of who it would go to.  It was also around this time that I decided to start quilting my own quilts.

This was the second one that I quilted myself, although Tara did quite a bit of the work on it as when I took it to quilt class to quilt I just wasn’t all that interested in doing anything!

It was quilted with a blue King Tut thread that I had heard good things about.  It worked well, but at this point I probably wouldn’t use it again.  Only, cause I don’t have a local store that supplies it.

As it was sitting in the bag waiting for me to finish it I thought that I would give it to our next door neighbour who is a really good friend to Grandma and I.  She comes over every day to have afternoon tea with Grandma and often if she is going to go to the Chemist she will also grab Grandma’s prescriptions.

It is now bound and labelled and all ready to go.  I want to give it to her now (cause I totally suck at waiting to give people their presents) but Grandma thinks that I should wait ’till July when Grandma is out of hospital and home again.

So for now, it will live on the couch in the sewing room with Scrap Basket Lattice and 16 Patch.

Ginger helping me quilt it.  He is actually sitting on top of the quilt!


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