Joy & Happiness

Oh dear.

I should really not get anywhere near my blog when I’m tired should I?

Sorry about that.

So, moving on, let’s talk about what makes you happy.

What makes you happy?  What gives you joy?  What is in your life that you know that as soon as you touch/smell/feel/hear it you will feel better and happy.

For me it is:

  • hearing and seeing Rob Thomas/Matchbox 20 in concert
  • my cat Ginger
  • going out to lunch with my Grandma
  • my dressing gown – very fluffy
  • Gloria Jeans Vanilla Chillers
  • coming home after a long, tiring day
  • going to the gym and enjoying my workout when I had to drag myself there
  • Haighs chocolate
  • the smell of rain
  • walking on the beach at sunset

Please share with me what makes you happy 😀


2 thoughts on “Joy & Happiness

  1. 30 minutes alone…caramel machiatto from Starbuck’s….dark chocolate….meals prepared by others, anyone, please, prepare me a meal LOL…Quilt Bees with my friends at church…

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