A Day In My Life: 16 April 2008

Well, here we are a month later and it is time once again to bore entertain you all with a day in my life!

Today I had a day off from work and when I go back to work tomorrow I am working 8 days straight. Eeek!!!! I have also decided that in those 8 days I’m going to cut the excess sugar out of my daily food pyramid. I am of course going to keep it for my tea and coffee but out will go all the lollies and chocolates that I normally seem to eat. I’ll see how I go. My aim here is to perhaps also keep it out until I lose a further 3kgs or maybe 21 days. We’ll see.

I’ll let you know how I go.

Just to let you know that normally my days off aren’t this laid back but as I’ve been feeling a bit tired and run down lately I decided to have a super slow day today.

So here is what I did today:

9.00am – wake up and realise that I don’t have anything to do today so I decide to stay in bed and read trashy novels.

11.00am – decide that perhaps it’s now time to get out of bed and get a move on with some of the stuff that I do need to do. Go to the computer and read emails and blogs.

11.30am – go take a shower and get ready for the day. Sms my personal trainer to cancel tonight’s training session as I don’t feel all that crash hot.

12.30pm – leave the house to go to West Lakes for wheat free bread and buy some new jeans as my old ones have split on the inner seams. Also buy a top. Drop by Go-Lo to get the dressing gown that Grandma saw in their catalogue the other day that she wanted. Think about going to the beach and going for a walk and an ice cream and stop by Spotlight on the way. Decide not to go anywhere near Spotlight as it was way too dangerous and that I’ll go for a walk later.

14.00pm – get to Arndale to buy a coffee and a couple more trashy novels.

14.30pm – get home, show Grandma my new jeans and decide that they fit the same as others* that I have in my wardrobe and decide that I’ll return them when I get a chance. Flake out on the couch to read the trashy novels.

17.00pm – finish reading trashy novels and feel completely lazy that I haven’t done anything and guilty that I still haven’t vaccuumed the house. Decide to get up the couch and do the vaccuuming and bring the water in from outside even though I really can’t be bothered.

17.30pm – sit down and do some more applique on Memories of Spring and watch The Antique Roadshow – one of my favourite shows – and make a deal with myself that I’ll learn my Pump song at 18.00 when the News comes on. Decide that I’ll do the 4 butterflies in purple so once I finish the flowers I won’t be able to do anything with this quilt until I can get to Quiltaholics.

Fondle the pink and yellow fabrics that I’ve put aside for the pink quilt that I want to make but decide that until I finish 5 quilts and all those placemats I can’t start it.  Until then I’ll just fondle and look at the pattern and imagine how cool it’s going to look when I’ve done it.

18.00pm – decide that I really should watch the news to find out what is happening in the world these days. Besides I can learn my song at 18.30pm when A Current Affair comes on cause I really don’t like that show.

18.30pm – turn on the dvd player and find the track that I’m supposed to learn. Doubt myself a numerous amount of times as to whether I should be doing this but then decide that I should cause I can’t give up on another thing.

19.00pm – turn to The Biggest Loser and have crumpets and honey and a cup of tea for dinner and wonder how on earth they are managing to eat a deep fried Mars Bar. Hmmmm…… I wonder what it tastes like? Continue on with the applique.

20.30pm – move into the lounge room to watch Spicks and Specks with Grandma and type out this post.

21.00pm – Spicks and Specks finishes, I finish this post to go and tidy up my thread box and continue on hand binding Heart Love.

21.30pm – watch Numb3rs cause Grandma is going to tape something on another channel for my Mum.

22.30pm – bed time!

*I have a pair in the wardrobe that I haven’t worn since about 2005 as they have been too small. They are now at a point where I can do them up but they are slightly too small around my waist causing a small unsightly “muffin top”. But they are wearable which is good cause I have no other alternative! So I thought perhaps buying a new pair to get me through until these fit however, the news ones are a slightly smaller fit and make it look worse! Back to the gym for me.


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