Craving Pink

Rose, I’m not sure you would say that if you could see it close up!  But it is getting better 🙂

Kathleen, no worries!  I also sms’d Tara.  I hope she forgives me!  Memories of Spring is really starting to grow on me but at this point I’m going to like it much better when it’s done.

No I didn’t watch the end as I couldn’t stay up to watch the end cause I had to be up early to go to work the next day.  However, I have it on DVD and if I could have been bothered I could have watched that instead without the commercial breaks and much faster.  But I couldn’t.  Besides, it’s not like we don’t know what happens anyways 🙂


I keep on seeing pink quilts all around me so now I’m just craving a completely pink quilt.

Not a soft pastel wishy washy pink though.

A full on, here I am pink.

I’ve been thinking about what sort of pattern I could do and was originally thinking perhaps a scaled down version of my brother’s “blue + tan” but obviously with pink, then I was thinking about doing perhaps a log cabin but with small blocks with pink and white/tan.

And then I had no idea at all.

However, I have been going through my folder of the pattern’s that I liked from last year’s AP&Q’s magazines and I’ve managed to pull quite a few patterns out that if I start it it won’t take long to finish.


Not that I really need to start yet another quilt.

At the moment I’m really tired and just looking at my sewing room makes me tired.  I look at what I could do and just can’t be bothered.  So, hopefully after a long sleep I’ll be back up and running!


Rob Thomas/Matchbox 20 absolutely rocked!!  It was worth every penny that my Mum (Xmas present) spent on it for me to go.  I have been to all their concerts and I will definitely be going to all future concerts, no matter what it takes 😀

I have photos and when I have a spare minute tomorrow I’ll post them to my flickr account.


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