It’s Gorgeous!

Hi Kathleen, I know!  However, I am glad that I spoke up and told her though.  Yeah, my Grandma is quite cute.  Her 80th is on the 29th June but apparently we aren’t holding a party until after the operation now…. no one tells me anything!  My Mum is funny too but I guess she has to be with Grandma for a Mum and me for a daughter!

Hi Rose, thanks for the comment.  I’m glad that you enjoyed the post.  I’m glad you started a blog too cause you do beautiful work.  Thanks for the best wishes for the operation.  To be honest, I think she’ll be fine.  I’ll be the one stressing.  I’ve never spent a night in this house without her (it is her house) so it will be very strange for me to be here without her.  Specially at night when I’m home the most.


Yesterday, I went to quilt class and I had a wonderful time.  Isn’t it funny how quilting time always goes so much faster than say normal or work time?

I didn’t really focus in the first half of class and I fluttered here and fluttered there looking around.  I ate some lunch and had a look at the gorgeous quilting that Tara did for me.  The picture above is of Tara and Cheryl holding it up.  They requested that they be able to hide behind it so unfortunately you can’t see them.  Not even their feet!

I’ll have to get them to hold a smaller quilt next time 😀

So now, I just have to trim it, sew the binding together and onto it and then hand sew it down at the back.

Phew… is that all?

In the meantime I’ve also been working on starting and finishing the applique on the Memories of Spring quilt.  I have 9 flowers in all and have now done 4.   So 5 to go and then I have a butterfly in each corner to go.  I took this project to quilt class to get them to hold my hand whilst I started it.  Once I’ve finished it I’ll get Tara to quilt this one as well.

It’s going to look really beautiful when it is finished and I’m glad that I didn’t call it done without the applique.  It’s really going to make the quilt.

I have about 4(?), 5(?) perhaps 6(?) projects on the go at the moment which is slightly stressing me out so I’m going to start working on finishing some of them so that I can then work on finishing others.

Speaking of projects…. I bought a magazine at the quilt shop yesterday and in it is a cute xmas quilt with Santa and a reindeer appliqued in the middle.  Of course, I had to buy fabric for the middle whilst I was there.

It’s now on the list!


2 thoughts on “It’s Gorgeous!

  1. You are a glutton for punishment…another project when you just said you had how many going? Sound just like me…and every other mad quilter I know. The quilt is gorgeous and I should start putting the money I am wasting on stuff I never finish into having my quilts done professionally. Otherwise there are going to be a lot of tops when I depart this world…it would take thirty years to quilt everything I have going..and that’s not exaggerating toooo much. Hi to Grandma!

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