Emma, I do like finishing things but they rarely occur in my house cause I’m too busy starting more!


So today is a day off in my household due to being rostered to work the weekend.  First up was a very early morning doctor’s appointment for Grandma for the operation coming up.  Then it was shopping for a couple of hours.  Grocery and other stuff.

Then it was an hour or so relaxing on the couch reading a trashy novel 😀

After that, I thought I better get a move on finishing quilting Heart Love.

It only took just over an hour and I had no idea of what I was doing whilst I was doing it.  I just kept on saying, just do it random, no one will notice!  So I just have to attach the binding first by machine and then by hand, put a label on it and it will also be done.

So I now have to rush off to have dinner and get dressed to go to TAFE and then perhaps I’ll sew the binding on tonight.  We have an assessment tonight but it is open book so I’m not worried.

Tomorrow is quilt class so I’ll take it to show and I’m also going to take my Memories of Spring to start appliquéing and working towards finishing that one.


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