Bound + Labelled

Well, well, well.  What on earth is the world coming to?  I’ve actually managed to finish not 1 but 2(!), yes 2(!!) quilts.  Bound and labelled.  I think I deserve a gold star 😀

The first one is Scrap Basket Lattice.  I started this quilt in Feb 05 after attending a class by Susan Murphy through Brighton by the Sea.  It sat in a bag in my sewing room until I figured out that you could pay people to quilt your tops for you!  Then it was just a matter of saving money.  I put it in to be quilting in November 07 and got it back in February 08 (quilting lady was very busy) and have only now finished the binding and the label.  I am glad to be able to cross this one as done and off my list!

The second one is Heaven Scent.  I actually finished this one early last week.  Monday I think.  But, as I’ve been slack in posting I haven’t said anything until now!  I stayed up late after TAFE Tuesday night to put the labels on it.  Then, on Wednesday I skipped the gym to come home and I put it on my Grandma’s bed without her saying and didn’t tell her it was there!

Then, when she went to her room for something she came out and looked at me and said “what’s that for?”  and I told her it was her birthday present for her 80th but I was giving it to her now so she could enjoy it longer.

She goes in the day after her 80th for a Hip Replacement.

She loves it and was dropping major hints the whole time I was making it. 

That would look nice on my bed…..

I think that is the best quilt you’ve ever made……

So I said to her after I had given it to her that if she didn’t like it/didn’t want it to let me know cause I have a list of about 8 people who would gladly take it off her hands.  And you know what she said?

No, I love it but if you ever want to sell it to someone you can.

She has an idea that her niece, my second (?) cousin, would buy it from me for $500 which I think is totally absurd.  I told her that I don’t make quilts to sell them.  I make them cause I want to and so that I can give them away.  And I choose to give this one to her.

My Mum wants it put in writing in my Grandma’s will that she gets this quilt when my Grandma passes away – which hopefully is many years to come.

It now has pride of place on her bed – my Grandma’s that is.  Not my Mum’s.  She has her own quilt.


Now, I did promise to tell the story of me and Tara – well, from my point of view anyways 🙂


Last year (I think or the year before) I found Tara’s blog (through another one) and totally fell in love with her work.  Around that time her 2 Nine Patch Variation Quilts came out in AP&Q and being slightly slow it finally occurred to me that those 2 people were one and the same.  I lurked around her site for ages wishing I could go do a quilt class with her.

Then, I volunteered to work a weekend which meant that I had a Thursday off.  Which meant that I got to go to quilt class and finally meet Tara in person.

So, all through class I had to pretend I didn’t know anything about her.  Which made me feel like a stalker.

Cause I didn’t want her to know that I knew about her cause I already felt like a stalker and didn’t want her to think that I was one!  However, at the end of the class I did tell her and she was totally fine and wanted to know if I had a blog.  Which at that stage I did but not one for my quilts.

A couple of months later, I created this one and the rest they say is history!!

And now, I get to go to quilt class in 2 sleeps time and pick up the blue + tan quilt that Tara has been slaving away on.  Yay!!


3 thoughts on “Bound + Labelled

  1. Isn’t it weirdwhen you can’t make friends cause they might think you are stalking them…I often feel like that at quilt shows…Michelle Marvig sat next to me so had to pretend I did not know who she was.
    Your grandma is such a card…when is the 80th?[ So is your mum by the sound of it too.]

  2. I loved this post!! Long before i started a blog, I lurked ( Tara’s was one of them). I think that i started my own blog just so I didnt feel like a stalker anymore, but wow im so glad i did!!
    Your grandma sounds adorable and what a beautiful quilt she now has. Hope all goes well with the hip replacement!!
    Hugs xxx

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