This & That

I have so much to say, so bear with me as I think I’m just going to type it all out. Skim what you want!


Sam, it sounds like we all do it. Glad I’m not the only one!

Hi Andee. I can’t wait either! I reckon this has to be the biggest and fastest quilt I have made ever. If my brother doesn’t like it I think it can live with me 😀


I have been a bit slack lately with linking to people with blogs so I just corrected that so if you see your blog linked from me a couple of times in the last few minutes that’s why.


I noticed that someone had clicked on a link from here. So being the nosy rosy that I am I went and had a look. Apparently, I’m #42 on WordPress’ list of Growing Blogs. How cool! So thank you guys for visiting me cause you are the ones that got me there! I feel like I should make a speech….

I would like to thank my parents…..”


Moving on.


I have 3 friends that have all announced their pregnancies over the past few months. The latest one is from one of my best friends who now lives in Melbourne. I was travelling along going “la la la la” and now I’ve gone: “Bugga! I better get a move on with making some baby quilts!” So that is what I started last night. I’m going to finish one and post it for comments. I hope it comes out looking like it does in my head!


I just downloaded some new songs and at the moment I am just loving: Dream Catch Me by Newton Faulkner, Bubbly by Colbie Caillat, New Soul by Yael Naim, Stop and Stare by One Republic and Love Song by Sara Bareilles.


I had to get a new battery in my car today. I had to call the RAA last night as it was dead and then again this morning – late for work! Then after work it was still dead so I called it a day and got it replaced. Apparently, they are only supposed to last 3.5 years, I had mine for nearly 8! Good thing we don’t replace sewing machines that often. I think we’d all be broke…. or have a lot less fabric!!! He also put more oil in car as I had none. Go the RAA for brilliant service!


I am not liking the changes that WordPress made at all. It is making my head hurt!


The most exciting thing that I was going to say is now going to be lost in the long post! Ok, I’m off to write another post for my news….


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