Stay Tuned

Hi Guys


Rose, I have absolute faith in Tara to do a fantastic job with this quilt. It will end up looking much better than I can make it look that’s for sure! I do have a story about me, Tara and a stalker (which would be me (ish)) but I’ll tell that to you in the next post. It is a relief to have to not to worry about quilting it and being able to move on to another project.

Helen, I know how that goes. I found your blog via that method too! It’s very cool looking at photos of other peoples quilts and going “I’ve got that one, that one, that one….ohhh I wonder where they got that one from?”


Well, I have 2 posts in my head however, it is 9.48pm on a Thursday night and bedtime is at 10.30pm and I really feel like sewing.

Some 4 patches perhaps?

So, please stay tuned cause I will be back in the next couple of days and post the posts that are in my head!

Hope you are all having a great week!

I’ll be back soon. No later than Sunday as that is my day off this week and I’m doing absolutely nothing!

Well, apart from studying, sewing, getting a coffee, getting ham and possibly doing the housework. But you know, nothing!


2 thoughts on “Stay Tuned

  1. Ginger (and Helen – Hi!) I can’t help but try and spot fabrics I own in every quilt I look at. Embarrassingly, I usually find at least one!

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