“What do you mean you can’t bind the quilt if I sit on it like this? Don’t be mad at me, look at how cute I am!”


Rose, I did fleetingly think of just pinning it as is without fudging it and then adding wadding later but the lazy part of me got in the way so it was decided that it would be fudged instead!

Kathleen, thank you for the comments. I feel very lucky that I can spend this time with my Grandma and although she is sometimes protests about holding up the quilts I feel that I have to have her in the background now as it doesn’t feel completely “finished” without a picture of her holding up the quilt.

It was funny. When she saw the finished Blue + Tan quilt I think she nearly had a fit trying to think of how she was going to hold it up!! I told her it was ok as I already had photos. I will get one of the whole quilt when it is finally finished though!


The reason for the posts on specific quilts that are finished like yesterday’s is that I am anal (Really I am, ask Tara about the 2′ squares….) and I want to have all my quilts recorded somewhere with their dimensions, who they went to and when they were started and finished. So I have set up a Quilts Made page where I’m putting all that information and then when I have done a post on that quilt I then link to it.

I am also aiming to have a book with photos that does the same thing but I haven’t got around to it at this stage.


So last night I got home – after getting some chocolate mud ice cream (yum!) – and I felt exhausted but felt compelled to try and quilt Blue + Tan to see if I could do it or if I would have to call in reinforcements.

I did try, but at the moment trying to push all that fabric through the machine and positioning it on the table and my lap just wasn’t comfortable nor fun for me. If it had of been tolerable I would have continued but the little bit that I did was enough for me to know that at this point in time (and lack of experience) I can’t do it.

I then emailed Tara to see if she had room on her list to quilt it for me and thankfully she said yes. So, on Tuesday I’ll drop it into Quiltaholics for her to pick up and quilt for me.

I feel like I have made the best decision for myself and the quilt.

Besides, now I can work on finishing all the other stuff that I was doing!

Last night I did try to bind the Scrap Basket Lattice Quilt however, Ginger soon put paid to that so I just read some magazines and mucked around doing nothing much.

I still feel exhausted so I’m off to have the shower that I didn’t have time for this morning due to a mix up with daylight savings and technology cause I feel gross.

I had to take my tooth brush and make up to work so that I could do that in my first break. Ewwww……

And then, for tonight I thought I might make and put labels onto a couple of quilts so that I can cross that bit off my to do list.

Hope you all had a good weekend 😀


2 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. Hello. I have just discovered your blog, through another blog, through another, as you do! Had to say, LOVE your banner at the top! I have about 90% off those fabrics in my stash! You have lovely taste! 🙂

  2. Oh u sweet thing!!! Im sure (no absolutley postive) Tara will lovingly quilt this amazing quilt……trust me if Tara was closer, id be a stalker lol……machine quilting is tough, some days you can do it, other days, u cant!!! and u wonder where that skill went!!! Im getting better, but im entrusting my new BOM to the experts, its booked and wow what a relief that is!!!
    Hugs xxx

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