Timeless Pinwheels

Finished Size: 48″ x 48″

This is another quilt that as soon as I saw – AP&Q Vol 13 No 9 – I decided that I just had to make.

By this stage though, I was well aware of quilt sizes and knew that I didn’t want to make it as big as the original so I just stopped at a point where I thought it was big enough and before I had to do the next border that had applique in it.

As I was and still am totally in love with Jinny Beyer fabrics I decided once again that this quilt would be perfect made in them.

I started the quilt in November 2005, finished piecing it by January 2006 where it came to a stand still.  I did plan to quilt it myself and even pinned it but then when I went to quilt it I got cold feet and had no idea of how I was going to manage such a big quilt.

So, it came to a stand still until I worked out that I could send out quilt tops to be quilted which was then done in August 2006 with 2 other quilts.  I finished binding it in October 2006 after dragging it all the way to Melbourne in Sept 06 where the plan was that I’d bind it whilst on holidays!

Yeah right….

It is machine quilted with a cream thread in the Double Rose pattern and cost $60 with wool wadding.

I really enjoyed piecing this quilt although the pinwheel border did give me grey hair as they ended up slightly bigger than the middle square.  After much fiddling and fudging around, I managed to make them fit.

Grandma kept on hinting about how much she liked this quilt so I gave it to her for her birthday that was in June.  Trouble is…. I didn’t tell her that I was giving to her, didn’t get her anything else for her actual birthday and only gave it to her in October!!

Guess I made the naughty list that year!


2 thoughts on “Timeless Pinwheels

  1. I love it and boy is your grandma one lucky girl to have you! Am really impressed with your relationship and love the shots where “grandma is kindly holding the quilt for me”.

  2. I fell in love with yur timeless pinwheels. I don’t recognize the source AP&Q – what is that? I’d love to find this pattern . Thanks for sharing, yours is marvelous

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