Ready? Set? Pin!

Thanks for the offer Rose. Too bad you aren’t closer!

Thank you Emma. Pretty much all the blues are scraps that I already had cut up from other quilts and the tan is a fabric that I picked up last week. I can only get them done so quick cause I don’t really have many other responsibilities. Just because I finish the tops so quickly doesn’t mean that I finish them completely though! I really need to work on that.


Well for a day off it wasn’t much of one. I think I need to go back to work for a break!

Nah…. not really. Would rather have a day like today any day than go to work….

What started out as a half hour visit to the beautician to get my legs waxed, turned into a 3 hour shopping trip with Grandma.

We started at West Lakes and whilst I went to Essential Beauty, Grandma started the grocery shopping. From there I did a couple of errands and met her back at Coles. Then it was off to Harris Scarfes for her and the Post Office for me.

After that, I ducked into Kmart to get an electric blanket (it is soooo cold at night! and to think it isn’t even winter yet…) whilst Grandma went ahead to Gloria Jeans to wait for me.

After a quick coffee and a piece of raisin toast for both of us it was time to go to the vet’s to get some nibbles for Ginger. On the way back to Foodland and the way home, Grandma and I were talking about the back of this quilt and we both agreed that having one piece of dark or blue fabric would be better than the scrappy backings I usually do.

So, it was a quick U-Turn to Spotlight where I grabbed 4m of a black fabric with multicoloured spots (no pic as yet but I’ll put one up later).

And after a quick visit to Foodland for some groceries we forgot at Coles we were home.

Once we got home and after bringing the groceries in I put the fabric in the wash and then the tumble dryer.

When I got it out with help from Grandma I worked out where I need to cut and sew it together to make it big enough for the quilt.

So now I’m off to pin it. I’ve put in a XXX – The Next Level to distract me from the boredom. Nothing like a shoot them up action movie to take your mind off things 😀

Hope you all had a great day.


One thought on “Ready? Set? Pin!

  1. I am exhausted just reading about your day. You sure fit a lot in. Say hello to Grandma, you are so lucky to have each other and it is great the way you enjoy each others company.

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