Much Better!

I’m feeling much better today thankfully!

Thank you Paula and Rose for taking time out to comment.

I am very lucky to have Tara as a teacher and I look forward to every class that I have with her. I do patchwork as an outlet for my creativity but when I have deadlines or have to do something the fun just goes out of it and I get stressed and hate doing it.

Which all lead to last night’s meltdown. That and I have put myself under pressure in pretty much every area of my life. I think it was only a matter of time before I cracked.

However, I’m doing much better now, although I did want to be in bed an hour ago… oh well πŸ™‚

I was going to go to bed at 10.30pm but then I only had a few more seams to do so I thought I’d stick it out until it was done rather than have to finish it tomorrow.

Cause that then means I can do the backing and get started on pin basting it tomorrow!

Anyone want to come over and have a pin basting party with me?

Anyone? Hello?????? πŸ˜›

I had to take photos of this quilt draped over the couch as my quilt holder has gone to bed as it’s 11.00pm at night! I don’t think she would have been able to hold this one up anyways, it is huugggee!

So, without further ado, here is a pic of this brand new monster sized quilt in all it’s glory:

It’s heavy as it is so I will be interested to see what it will be like when I’ve quilted it.

The fabric on the quilt in this picture is going to be the binding. It is from one of my favourite designers, Jinny Beyer.

I’m going to quilt class again on the 8th of April so I’m going to aim to finish pinning it by this Sunday and quilt it before the 8th however, I’m going to do it in a balanced fashion and catch up with the rest of my life as well!

Hope you all had a good day and I’ll catch up with y’all tomorrow πŸ˜€

ps – there are more photos in flickr of this quilt in progress if you want to hope on over there and have a look.

pps – did you know that it is snowing in Victoria!! And that’s only about a week after the 40C weather we’ve been having. How insane is that?


3 thoughts on “Much Better!

  1. Oh Ginger, it is gorgeous!! You have done an amazing job!! Basting?? hmmm one of those words we all love to hate, if I was closer id come help!!

  2. I love the colours you’ve used, and the way you get your quilts done so quickly. My progress these days is halted by little children! Bring on more snow.

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