Change of Plan


After browsing through the latest AP&Q and noticing the finished product of the latest mystery quilt and really like it, it came to me that I could change my mind and make that for my brother instead of the pattern that I had just started.

I had enough fabric of blues and the tan that I just bought and all I will need to do is to remove some of the 2′ squares that I allocated and add some more 3.5′ squares/4.5′ squares.

I love Mary’s pattern and will use it to use up my scraps however, I wasn’t too sure how big to make it nor what I should do for the border so this really solved those dilemmas.

I told you that I’m a follower right?  But I guess you’ve worked that out already 😀

So this quilt will finish at 60′ x 72.5′ with no borders and I’m thinking that for the binding I’ll use the same fabric that I’ve bound my placemats in as I have tonnes of it and I really like it.

As the half square triangles* have to be 3.5′ square unfinished, the same size as my cut 3.5′ squares already; I have decided to just make the 144 squares the same way that I did for my 16 Patch (giving me yet again spare half square triangles!) and then once I work out how many more that I’ll need I’ll divide that by 2 and using the method in the previous post where I asked for help, I’ll make that many more with no spare half square triangles.

Still with me? 😛

And, I have a plan already for the spare half square triangles.  I’ll set them 12 x 12, border it like I did for the Asian Pinwheels and give it to my Mum for her spare room.

However, like anything these days there is a catch.  Ready????

I have/want to have it finished by my brother’s birthday.

The challenge?  It’s on the Queen’s B’day long weekend.  9th June 2008.

As in 2 months and 3 weeks away.

So, I guess I’m not going to be going out anytime soon 🙂

At this stage I’m also planning on quilting myself with one of the blue threads that I just recently bought for quilting.

So Tara look out as I may be needing some help!


The picture above is 1 of 15 blocks that need to be made.  I did it tonight and it took me just over 2 hours to make.  I was making some of the half square triangles as I went which slowed me down.

I made the block so I could see what it looked like and make sure that it was going to turn out like I thought it would.  Grandma is graciously holding it up.

With this weekend being Easter I see myself having more time than usual so hopefully *fingers crossed* I can get all the four patches and the half square triangles done.  With possibly a few more blocks so that I can really get a good picture of it.

Ideally, I’ll finish the top.  However, I think with even finishing the top by Monday night, I still won’t have backing, wadding and basting done by Thursday’s class.

Hmmmm, we’ll see.

So anyone want to bet on how whether it is going to be quilting, bound and labelled by the 9th June?

*their instructions on how to make the half square triangles went way over my head so I’m just going to make it how I know and also, I’ve already cut most of the tan fabric to the other pattern so don’t have enough to change how I make it.


3 thoughts on “Change of Plan

  1. Nice! I like the colour combo, it really sings! And it’s a good block design, have fun. I managed a cot quilt in a weekend last year (and not, I didn’t keep it simple, and I had a toddler and was 8m pregnant at the time), so I’m sure you can do it!

  2. Im sure you can do it Ginger!! We are all here to support you!! Love the design, looks fun!! Your block is gorgeous!! Have a wonderful and productive Easter!!

  3. Hi Ginger – I was wondering what the mystery quilt would look like. I really like your blue and tan combination, very classy. Did you come by my blog and leave a comment?

    Nicola from West Australia

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