Ok, ok, so I was soooo busted by Kathleen (Hi Kathleen!) in the comment section about which Spotlight I had visited yesterday.

The truth is I visited both! *gasp* *horror* And I did it again today!

However, I can redeem myself; I only bought fabric at the Port Adelaide one.

The Spotlight I visited early in the day is the one in town and accessible to me either during my lunch break or after work. I don’t really like it as I don’t feel that it is set out well and I only get 30mins for my lunch break so quite often I’m late back to work because they are so busy.

The Spotlight that I visited later at 16.30 is the one in Port Adelaide. This one is near my house and is where I buy a majority of my fabric. Well, there and Quiltaholics….. I love that place cause it is huge and you can sometimes get a really good bargain! That, and I’ve been going so much that they now know me by sight :$

Kind of like Gloria Jeans at Arndale, Borders City and Myer Centre.

I like going to places where everyone knows me by name sight 😀

So tonight (kind of feels like Sunday all of a sudden) due to City Spotlight not having the tan fabric that I bought yesterday I skipped the gym and motored on down to Spotlight at Port Adelaide after work where I bought a further 2m of the tan fabric.

That’s 4m of that fabric now! I’m pretty sure that I’ve got enough now!!! Although I’ve already cut up 2m of it…..

I didn’t get much done tonight and I won’t get anything done tomorrow night cause I have TAFE and I’ll use my spare time from work to TAFE to learn my songs for Pump ready for teaching the tracks on Thursday.

When I got home I relaxed on the couch and read the latest edition of AP&Q. There are a few quilts in there that looked nice but nothing that screamed at me to make it. Thank God!

Then I got into the sewing room and counted out the 576 2′ blue squares I’ll need and the 144 3.5′ blue squares I’ll need. I then started cutting up the tan fabric and once I’d done a fair bit I started sewing the 2′ squares together. I know that I don’t have enough 2′ squares cut but I’ll just keep cutting and sewing until the blue squares are done.

I also tidied up the sewing room and made the binding for the Asian Pinwheel quilt.

Before I knew it it was 9.30pm and time to make a quick post and off to bed I go!

Night all 🙂


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