A Day In My Life: 16 March 2008

I was reading through bloglines a blog yesterday about how there are a few bloggers, Rose Red and Little Jenny Wren, (and more!) out there that on one day of the month they blog about their life.  I thought that that was a great idea and have decided to also take this on.

However, as I am totally crap at seeing things through I decided to make it the 16th of the month which is the anniversary date of my birthday.  So, it should be easy to remember, right?

Today isn’t all that interesting as I had to work but I think that as we go through the year it will be interesting to see what happened on that date every month.

So here is my day:

6.30am – wake up.  I’m half an hour late in getting up to get to work however, if I hurry I know that I can make it on time.  Thank goodness, it’s the weekend and I can park in town!

7.30am – gulp down raisin toast at work and log into the computers to start taking calls.

9.10am – log out for my first 15min break.  Make porridge, more raisin toast and a cup of milo for “breakfast”.  Log into the kitchen internet and check emails and catch up on everyone’s blogs.  Cool, a comment from Mary.

9.25am – log into the phones to take more calls.  ho hum…..

11.55am – log out again this time 10mins late and it’s off for lunch.  Go to Gloria Jeans to see who is there.  It’s the girl from yesterday who made the crap coffee.  Decided to skip the coffee, I’ll get one after work on the way home.  Hmmm, perhaps I can go to Spotlight and see what they have?  Look around Spotlight, nothing here that I haven’t seen before!

12.25pm – log into the phones to take yet more calls.

14.00pm – log out for my last break of the day, 15mins again.  SMS a few friends to see what they are doing this afternoon as I feel like doing something.  Nope, they are all busy.  Guess I’ll have to entertain myself.

14.15pm – logging in for the last time today.  Talk to cranky customers who have absolutely no manners.  Wonder if I’m getting paid enough….

15.30pm – log out; I’m free!!!!!!!!

Now, this is where my day really starts.  The best part of the day in my opinion!

16.00pm – coffee!!  A Very Vanilla Chiller from Gloria Jeans at Arndale, made just how I like it.  Yum 😀

16.30pm – well, hello Spotlight.  What?  You thought I was saving money?  Yeah me too 😛  After thinking about what I want to do for my brother’s quilt and the comment that Mary left and my comment about using some white with black fabric I decided to follow Mary’s suggestion about tan/cream fabrics.  So it was a mercy dash to Spotlight.

I’ll take some of that blue, that blue, that blue, 2m of that tan – hope that’s enough! – and some black for those bl#$dy hexagons.

17.15pm – home again.  Put the fabric in the washing machine to get rid of the excess dye and to preshrink it.  Start cutting up more blue fabric in 3.5′ and 2′ squares.

18.15pm – talk on the phone to my brother about Easter.  Put the fabric in the tumble dryer cause I’m too impatient for it to dry in the sun.  Make sure that he likes the colour blue.   Cut more squares.

19.00 – get the fabric out of the dryer, ring the local cafe and order pizza for dinner.  Start cutting the tan fabric in 3.5′ and 2′ squares.  Hmm, perhaps 2m isn’t enough.  Make mental note to go to Spotlight in lunch break in town tomorrow and hope that they have the fabric on sale and get another couple of metres.  If not, Thursday or next Saturday is the earliest I can get there.  Hope they don’t run out!

19.05 – leave to get pizza

19.25pm – home again, dinner’s ready 🙂

19.45pm – start sewing the blue and tan squares together

21.15pm – finish 2 blocks of each sort and take photos of them to post here

21.20pm – start writing this blog post!

So, this is what I have for the quilt so far (excuse the ironing board cover):

What do you guys think?

I think it’s going to look very pretty.  To start with I thought it might be a bit much but now that I can see it together I think it’s going to be really nice.  I just hope he likes it.  He was talking once about when I make him a quilt “and there better not be any flowers in it!”  So, I’ve limited the flowers but I do have a few asian fabrics, stars and other bits.

21.46pm – finish this post, check it, publish, bed time.

And that’s a day in my life for March.  Can’t wait to see what April brings 🙂


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