Quilt Class *Updated*

Yesterday I had quilt class with Miss Tara and I had been sooo looking forward to it for weeks.

However, on the day it seemed that my body caught up with my head and worked out that I was actually being far too busy lately and it just didn’t want to do anything! Which is funny in some ways actually cause it was only that morning that I was thinking that no one had better let my body know how busy it had been otherwise it would go on strike!

Which it did!!

So, when I was there although I wanted to do something because I had been sooo looking forward to it I just couldn’t seem to get moving.

Tara took pity on me and did some of the quilting on Heart Love and I did do some as well.

All up it is about half done and really it won’t take much more to finish it.

I was going to do it today after I did my homework, however, I’m still very much exhausted and lacking the energy to do much of anything really.

I set up the machine this afternoon and was going to go in there now but my heart just isn’t in it so instead I’m going to curl up on the couch under the air conditioner (12th day of 35C+) and bind Heaven Scent.

I also took some green fabric to see if it would be suitable to bind the pinwheel quilt with which it will be. I asked Tara if I had enough and she said that I did if I cut it carefully. I told her that I am the most uncareful cutter I know and she then cut it up for me! I was so spoilt yesterday. I’ll have to think of something to make it up to her.

Tara had brought along the top for her latest project and it is just beautiful. I can’t wait for the pattern to come out so that I can make it as well. It’s gorgeous!

So Tara, I do apologise for being something of a wet rag yesterday and I promise to be much more fun and entertaining when I come again in a fortnight’s time 🙂
*updated 23.00pm*
I should sooo be in bed!! I’m being naughty though as you can tell. I have to be up at 5.30am to go to work but staying up late watching tv and doing binding on my quilts is much more fun 😀
I finished the binding on Heaven Scent, now I just have make and attach a label for it. I then started doing the binding on my Scrap Basket Lattice quilt.
I kept on getting hot flushes as I was under the quilts and then Ginger decided to come and sit on my lap!
“Feeling hot, hot hot…..”

One thought on “Quilt Class *Updated*

  1. Hey there Kelly
    You were so not a wet rag, in fact, I think you had more energy than many of us! It was fun working on your quilt, and I was happy to cut up your binding for you. I think I was the one with not much energy by the end of the day – this heat is pretty draining!

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