PJ Day

Well today was Adelaide Cup Day and because of this I had a long weekend.

Weee heeee!!

In honor of this I decided to spend all day in my jammies…. Yeah, right. In reality it’s ’cause I was too slack to have a shower!

I got quite a few things done. In fact I’m very impressed with my industriousness 🙂

I finished quilting and binding all 24 of my butterfly placemats, I machine sewed the binding onto 3 quilts, handsewed half the binding onto Heaven Scent, continued with the Easy Double 4 Patch and sewed the borders onto my Asian Pinwheels (as below).

In the end I went with another blue border to completley frame it as the green just didn’t quite go. I did audition other colours but this one worked the best. For binding, I’m going to use either blue, I’m just not too sure which one. Unless I buy some on Thursday when I go to class 😛

Although, I do quite like the idea of this one coming completely from my stash so perhaps I can do with either blue. We’ll see.

I also procrastinated mightly against doing the homework for TAFE. And when I was doing it I found out that an assignment was due last week. Thank goodness she cancelled due to being sick last week cause I wouldn’t have been able to hand it up!

I have TAFE tomorrow night so I’ll be able to ask for help on the bit that I got stuck on and then hand up the assignment.

It’s going to be along day tomorrow….

I was also going to learn my songs for RPM and Pump however, that also fell to the wayside due to me just wanting to sew 🙂

And I made my bed with my brand new quilt cover set which has two of my favourite things on it: purple and butterflies. What more could a girl want 😀


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