Getting There!

Today I went to get my hair highlighted and just so it happens, there is a quilt shop, Patchwork By The Sea, right next door!

So of course I just had to drop in and have a look around.

I looked around found some little “snip” scissors which are very cute and fit into some of my containers better than normal scissors, so I bought them in pink. They are really handy and I love using them πŸ™‚

Then I saw that they had King Tut thread and as I had read about in a few overseas blogs with favourable reviews I bought a spool of blue to quilt Heart Love with to see if I like it.

Then, as I was leaving I saw this beautiful butterfly fabric that just begged me to take it home. So I did!

After getting my hair done, I came home and sewed the binding onto Heaven Scent, so that ones nearly done now. I just need to sew the binding on by hand and label it. Ready to give to Grandma in June.

I’ve also been working on my placemats and getting them all up to the point where I just have to hand bind them as well.

The numbers tally for the placemats is:

  • quilted – 24
  • completely finished – 10
  • still to go – 14

So I am getting there. Slowly.

I’ve also half quilted the remaining 7 placemats for Jan and before the end of this long weekend I’ll also sew the binding onto my Scrap Basket Lattice and my 16 Patch quilts.

Then all I’ll need to do is find the time to hand sew it all down!


Funny story for the week:

I took my placemats to hand sew whilst we were waiting for Grandma’s doctor’s appointment. It was all going well until…. I dropped the needle! And being the genius I am I didn’t have a spare with me! I was not amused cause I still had another hour to go before we could go home…. And then telling everyone about what I did they all go “well, you should have taken a spare” and I’m like “yeah well, I think I’ve already figured that out, thanks πŸ™‚

So now, in that bag I’ve got 3 needles, just in case πŸ˜›


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