Problem Solvered!

I fixed the problem that I had with both Doreen’s Hearts and my Asian Table Runner.

The problem that I had with Doreen’s Hearts is that it was going to be 9×10 squares and I don’t like rectangular quilts so I was thinking of ways to make it square but then, I was also having a problem with the Asian Table Runner in that I had 89 pieces which really doesn’t make much of anything but a really big table runner!

So I decided to even the table runner up to 100 pieces and I was going to make them as half square triangles and not as extra pieces. But then, like a bolt out of the blue I got the “er der” idea to just make an extra 10 squares for Doreen’s Hearts which would then get me nearly enough pieces for my table runner!

Sheer genius 😀

So, that is what I’ve been doing yesterday afternoon and this evening.

I have all my half square triangle sewed together into pinwheels with all of them sewed to another and some of them are sewed into a four patch.

I had to stop due to time constraints cause I wanted to blog here and I also have to tidy up my room and put away all the bargains that I bought today and look a few other things up before I go to bed and back to work tomorrow.

I went shopping today to look for a pair of white pants for a (part time) job that I’ve just started.

I know, I know…. white pants, what am I thinking?

However, it is part of the uniform and I had to get them. I found this out on Tuesday and I’ve been dreading shopping for them since. I had to rope a girlfriend into going shopping with me for them to ensure that I didn’t harm myself in anyway!

So anyways, onto bragging about my bargains. I found:

  • 2 pairs of white jeans for $9.50/pair – down from $40/pair
  • 1 skirt for $10 – down from $35

This bag:

for $40 – down from $60

And this bag:

for $50 – down from $100!

I also bought quite a few pairs of undies cause they had 20% off and some gym wear from Kmart that if you bought one piece you got the second at 50% off.

I don’t even want to know how much money I spent today, although I don’t regret any of it!

I just love it when you go shopping and you end up with totally unplanned bargains. It just makes my day 😀


Tip of the Day:

When your machine starts sounding really loud like the needle is clunking against the plate when you sew, it is probably a good time to change the needle!


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