Scrap Basket Lattice – Quick Note

I was just reading Tara’s blog and due the amount of Google hits I’m getting for the pattern for the Scrap Basket Lattice I thought I’d copy and paste her note regarding the pattern here:

“I checked with the girls at the quilt shop this morning, and they tell me that Susan doesn’t actually sell the pattern for that quilt – it’s one that she only teaches as a workshop. I’m so sorry to disappoint, I know the quilt has been a big hit with so many of you.”

Is it just me or is Bloglines being a pain again?  I haven’t had any updated feeds all day and I just know that that can’t be right!

*Update 10pm* Bloglines is working for me again, yay!!


3 thoughts on “Scrap Basket Lattice – Quick Note

  1. So sorry to hear that there is only a class for this quilt to go to. Its to far from the Netherlands to get that class……
    And I realy like this quilt very much, have to figure out myself how to do it..mmm…

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