Lantern Block

Finished Size: 41.5″ x 50″

I started making this quilt in October 2005 after finding the pattern in AP&Q Vol 11 No 1 – 2003 Annual.

At this point I did have a stash that I worked from but I got the fabric for the borders and binding from Spotlight way before I even finished making the top.

I don’t really have that many memories of making this quilt.

However, I do remember:

That until I put the borders on it I wasn’t very impressed with it and didn’t like it very much. I decided that it looked much better with borders and as the months went by it did grow on me. Now that it is finished I love it and wouldn’t even think about giving it away!

It is now the quilt that is in the header of this blog.

That I was going to sew all the blocks together as is until I showed them to my sewing teacher Peta who recommended I trim them all to the same size – first time I heard of that. And with 80 blocks to trim I wasn’t happy with that idea either!

I machine quilted this quilt not once, but twice! I stitched in the ditch and tried to do a pattern in the border both times but I totally sucked at it and Grandma had to unpick it for me; twice!

Although, in my defense, the last time was cause the tension on the machine went and the quilting was absolutely awful.

After that try I threw in the towel and decided to get it professionally done.

It was machine quilted in a variagated green thread with a butterfly pattern, it has wool wadding and cost $50 for the machine quilting.

Which, for the price of my sanity I thought was rather cheap 😀

It was one of the first of my quilts to be professionally quilted.

I got it back from the quilter in about August 06 and put the binding on it but didn’t actually finish hand quilting it until May 07 when my Dad came over from NSW and I had to find something to do to keep my occupied whilst he drove me nuts as he is so scatterbrained it isn’t funny.

I was a bit slack and didn’t get around to putting a label on it till November ’07 when I then called it done.


2 thoughts on “Lantern Block

  1. The quilt looks beautifull. I came to your blog through Tazzie her block as I saw you had made this one Susan Murphy design – Scrap Basket Lattice, do you know if the pattern is still avaiable somewhere or can I buy your pattern?
    Thanks, I really love it very much.

  2. Can you tell me the source for the scrap basket quilt pattern, yours is just wonderful and I’ve been unable to locate the pattern, thanks Donna

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