Memories of Spring #2

Finished Size: 43″ square 

This quilt was about the 4th one that I pieced and 3rd that I finished completely.

I started it in October 2005 and finished it in February 2006.

It is made completely out of Jinny Beyer fabric, my favourite!

I had made this quilt to the exact instructions that I got from AP&Q Vol 12 No 11 – Jan/Feb 2005 – however, at that stage I was still very much a beginner and didn’t realise just how big the quilt was going to end up!

I liked the pattern and so I decided to make it again, just smaller this time.

So off I set once again cutting out squares and sewing them together.  During this time one of my best friend’s from work left and moved to NZ so I went out for going away drinks with her but I can remember thinking that I didn’t really want to go out as I just wanted to sew my squares together!

I had a bit of a problem with the borders.  I couldn’t get it to look right but, after a few tries I had it the way that I wanted it and then moved on to quilting and binding it.

The binding on it is dodgey (to me) in that the joins are bulky and the beginning/ending is noticable.  I would love to take it off and put it on again but every other time I’ve done that with other quilts I’ve regretted doing it halfway through.

And, let’s face it, it’s not like I don’t have enough to keep me occupied!

So for the moment, it will stay as is but don’t be too surprised if you see this post come back up in the next 18mths cause I’ve redone it!


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