4 & 8!

Ok, to start today’s post off I thought we would play “Who Can Spot Ginger?”

Do you see him?

There he is!!

With the mouse that I bought him cause he kept on stealing mine!


I had another busy day today. I don’t think you guys would believe me if I said that I didn’t have a busy day would you?

I ran around doing errands in morning and got into my sewing room around 2pm.

First, I finished making bindings for the 4 quilts (I need to quilt 1) that I have ready to go:

The purple is for Heaven Scent, the black for Heart Love, the red for Scrap Basket Lattice and the blue for 16 Patch.

Then, it was on to the placemats.

There are 8 pictured here ready for me to sew the binding down by hand.

Plus the 4 that I’ve finished and given away and the 2 that I’ve finished but haven’t given away means that I’ve now done 14.

By my math, that means that I only have 10 more to go! I’m going to try and get them up to this point by the end of the weekend.

Then it will be getting the 7 that I’ve promised a family friend up to this point.

After that, I’ll sew the binding onto the 3 quilts that are ready.

And then, I’ll start hand sewing.

Phew! My fingers are worn out by just typing all of that! I think I need some cake and a cup of tea!

Grandma’s been busy today as well:

It’s chocolate cake for work for Monday Munchies.


See you all tomorrow and please don’t be scared to comment, I promise I won’t bite 😀


4 thoughts on “4 & 8!

  1. I’m brave…I’ll comment first! You have been busy! Four bindings are alot of work. Your placemats are very cute. I just love squares. The cake looks yummmm, and of course, my favorite flavor!

  2. I just found your blog too. It is great. You do wonderful work. I am a cat lover so I just must comment on Ginger. He is a beauty. I have 2 calico kitties. I am thinking I need an orange kitty. LOL That would make my dh’s day! Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Girls

    Welcome to my blog!

    It’s great to see you here and I hope you continue dropping by 😀


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