No Sewing Today


Today I went back to work which was a bit sad as I love staying home and pottering around my sewing room.

However, bills do need to be paid, hair has to be highlighted and fabric has to be bought so……

Today we had some V8 drivers at work today who were a bit cute. Much shorter than what I thought they would be but I guess they have to be to fit into the car.

After that I dropped into my friend’s house and picked up my camera. Oh, how I missed it!

Then it was on to the PT who was quite horrified at some of the stuff that I thought was ok to eat. Whoopsies!

After that, it was off to do the food shopping where by the imagination of my PT’s face if I bought and ate some of the food that was tempting me I had to leave it behind for other people to buy.

All I could think of was “he will soooo kill me if I eat that… and that…. and that…”

Oh, the restraint! The agony!

I was starving by the time I reached home, had dinner watched some tv and what do ya know? It’s bed time.

Tomorrow I have quilt class with the loverley Tazzie which I can’t wait for. I also get to pick up my machine. Yay!!!

So stay tuned cause I will have pretty pictures – from a real camera! – tomorrow for you 😀

Until then, I’ll just leave you with a pic of my buddy Ginger for your viewing pleasure!



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