I had today off sick again and all I could think about was getting a container from Spotlight to put my hearts in so that they can travel with me when I go places so if I get a spare minute or two I can applique them.

So off I toddled and although I had good intentions of not going anywhere near the fabric I did end up there as I remembered I needed some white fabric for some more scrap quilts.

And what do I find???  $3/metre fabric in bright colours that I absolutely adore.  Whether it be for the back of my quilts or for borders or for the scrap quilts the colours were absolutely perfect.

So the fabric in the photo above plus the white fabric that isn’t there came home with me.

It cost around $30 and I got about 8 metres give or take.

An absolute bargain!

I have also been sewing some more of my hearts and now have a total of 14 done.  I am getting better at this applique thing too which I am very happy with.

Not sure if I love it though, however, it is tolerable so it’s ok.


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