To Do *Updated*

So I have a list in mind of what I would like to get done, if I have the time, whilst my machine is in for it’s service.

It is taking up too much room in my head so I’ll leave it here:

  • cut up backing fabricdone 17/2/08
  • bind placemats (3.5)done 16/2/08
  • applique hearts
  • cut off dog earsdone 15/2/08
  • iron half square trianglesdone 15/2/08
  • pin Heart Lovedone 14/2/08
  • pin 16 Patchdone 15/2/08
  • pin remaining placematsdone 17/2/08
  • get extra sleep! – well I think I did…. 😀
  • pedicuredone 15/2/08
  • trim heaven scentdone 17/2/08
  • trim scrap basket latticedone 17/2/08
  • organise threads

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