It Doesn’t Take Long!

Yesterday was a very busy day with me running from one end of Adelaide to the other and then back again!

In the middle of the afternoon I went to see my lovely quilting lady who had rung me earlier in the week to let me know that my 2 quilts were done.

I picked them up and they are just gorgeous.

One of them, Heaven Scent, I have about 7 people that love it and if I want to give it to them they would be thrilled.

One of those people is my Grandma and it is her 80th in June so I’m going to give it to her (at the moment she doesn’t know this either) as a present cause I have no other idea of what to get her.

The picture of the quilt is above. I had just placed it onto Grandma’s lap to show her it and bam there’s Ginger sitting on top of it already!

You’ve got to be quick around here 😀

When I was doing this quilt I wasn’t really in love with it and then when I got it finished to a top I still wasn’t all that impressed. It did start to grow on me but not as much as my other favourites. Now that it is quilted though, I think that it is really starting to look fantastic.

My Grandma thinks it’s my best one yet.

I disagree as I have a few in the works with my favouritist fabrics that I know that I’m going to really love.

The other quilt that I got back is my Scrap Basket Lattice and it is one of the first quilts that I made, back in 2005.

Today, I did bits and pieces and really worked on getting things on my list done. I got 99% of that done and I’m happy with what I did get done.

I went to Spotlight to get a thread so that I can continue sewing the binding on the placemats done and what do you know???? $80 later out I come!!

But, I have a good excuse….

I have been working on getting all my DMC threads and have been buying 5 here and there from Quiltaholics every time I go.

However, Spotlight has them out at $0.80 each sooooooo I bought all of the ones that I needed.

Naughty I know, but in the long run much cheaper!

I also bought 2.1m of my Monster fabric that I just love. I cut some up for backing squares which also meant that I got additional 3.5′ and 2′ squares from it and I’ll save the rest for borders for future quilts.

I am missing my machine at the moment. There were a few times this weekend that I thought about sewing the binding on my quilts or doing my placemats or even just doing some piecing for another scrap quilt and I couldn’t.

But, I did have enough to keep me occupied so it wasn’t too bad.

I’ve now got gym tomorrow night, TAFE Tuesday night and PT Wednesday night along with my full time job during the day so I’ve definitely got enough to keep me occupied ’til Thursday when I get my machine back and can go to class!

Yippeeeeee 😀


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