Backing, done.


Tonight I had one goal in mind. Get the backing of this quilt done before the machine goes in for a service tomorrow!

I lazed around early evening feeling tired and not wanting to do any sewing. However, knowing that if I didn’t do it it would completely annoy me that it wasn’t done and I wouldn’t be able to do it cause I didn’t have a machine eventually motivated me into sewing it together.

Once again, I “leader/ended” the asian table runner with the backing. I’ve got a fair few pairs together now. More that what I thought I would. I think it will easily come together when I get my machine back.

I’ll then move onto the Xmas Placemats for the L/E project.

I’ve been thinking about these placemats and the fact that I have so many to do. I think the thing that annoys me the most about them is the fact that they take just as long to quilt and bind as a normal quilt yet they are much smaller.

It doesn’t matter anyways, I’m going to have to do them so I’ll get onto them once the machine is back.


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