All done (again!)

Well, the massage course was great. I got home just after 5pm and did a few things to my puter, had dinner and then….

I finished the 16 Patch quilt.

So, it went from this yesterday:

To this today:

I really like how it turned out and I’m glad that I took an extra night to finish it with that extra row. I will make the other 2 scrap quilts this size as well.

The blocks are 6′ unfinished and the quilt is 7 x 8 rows, finishing at a size of 39′ x 45′.

I’ll go to Quiltaholics on Saturday and buy some wadding for it along with some extra safety pins so that I can also baste it whilst the machine is being serviced.

I did quite a few pinwheels for the asian table runner as well.

I think I finally have myself organised with what I want to achieve this year with my projects. I can’t wait to the end of the year to see if I kept it up or if it all becomes hopelessly disorganised again! 😀


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