“This” Close!

Tonight I finished sewing the rows of the 16 Patch quilt together and it ended up being 45′ x 34′ which seems ok when you have it on your lap, however, to me when I look at it, it looks “odd”.

So, I’ve decided to add another row on the shorter side to make it wider which by my dodgey math will bring it to approx 45′ x 40′ which I think will make it look much better.

It was either leave it as is or put a border around it (thinking 4′ finished). However, I knew that even though putting the border on was the easier option I would never be happy with it. So off to the sewing room I went!

At least it will use up more of my 2′ squares!

Once I’ve sewn that extra row on I’ll then leave it as is and quilt and bind it. Perhaps with the blue that I used for the borders in Heart Love.

Whilst I was finishing sewing the rows together and then more blocks for 16 Patch I finally finished sewing the squares together for Doreen’s Hearts.

Now I just have to applique a further 89 hearts onto the white background, sew that top together and that quilt will also be done.

I also started sewing together the bonus half square triangles from Doreen’s Hearts. I’m going to make them into another table runner for my room.


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