16 Patch

Well, tonight I finished the backing of Heart Love and got started putting together that 16 Patch and Pinwheels that I started in my couple of weeks off over xmas/new years.

I got a bit distracted watching the Pirates of The Caribbean so I didn’t get much done. However, some is better than none and it was good to just get a few rows together to see what it is going to look like.

This one was sourced from Mary Quilts and was also to use up my 2′ squares. This one used a lot more than Heart Love however, the pinwheels were slightly painful….even if I did get 2 tablerunners from the extra triangles!

I have enough light 3.5′ squares to do 2 more quilts but I’ll just do the Double 4 Patch – Easy Version to save me some time. I just want to get my squares down to 1 box instead of the 3 and a bit that they are currently in.

I’ll try and finish the top of this tomorrow night. If not by the weekend.

My day of sewing on Sunday is now not to be unfortunately which I am quite sad about as I was looking to get a lot done due to the machine going for a service on Tuesday and then everything else starting soon after.

Oh well, I’ll just do what I can and go from there.

I’m hoping to at least get this top and the backing done before Tuesday.


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