I’m In Love

I went to my favourite shop today, Quiltaholics, to buy some wadding for Heart Love and I bumped into Tara who was just finishing her Thursday afternoon class.

I would have loved to have done the class and even thought about doing it cause I finished work at 2pm but then when I thought it through I realised that I would get there just as it finished and really there was no point.

So, I went anyways to get the wadding, some thread and needles.  I like getting that sort of stuff there cause it keeps them in business and they know me so I always get a smile and a hello 🙂

So, I got the wadding, thread, needles and a bit of my favourite Jinny Beyer fabric when I noticed this Asian themed quilt hanging by the door and that was the end of me trying to save money this year!

I tried to talk myself out of it with all the normal stuff and logical arguements however, it just didn’t work as it is my favourite type of fabric and it had 3 of my favourite fabrics in it.  And at $110 it isn’t that cheap.

However, I’m seriously in love with it so it is now on Layby.

Then I remembered that my brother owes me money for various things and also for my birthday.  So I rang him up and told him to transfer the money over.  So now I can say that it is from my brother for my birthday!

I love how things work out sometimes 😀


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