Nearly Done


Well, I am being obsessesed about sewing lately. I am trying to finish this quilt off and also do as much as I can before the sewing machine goes in for a service on Tuesday cause I then won’t pick it back up till Thursday week.

Just in time for a class with the lovely Tazzie πŸ™‚

Who I’m going to convince to teach me how to meander a quilt cause I’ve decided this year to start saving money and this is one area that I can do my own thing.

Besides, by learning this skill perhaps it will encourage me to 1) finish all my half finished quilts (UFOs) and 2) I won’t start so many at a time!! Yeah right πŸ˜€

So, I’ve nearly finished Blue Hearts. Just have one more row to add onto the bottom. It is going to end up 45′ square. So much for my 39′ square. Not quite sure what happened there…

So I’m going to finish the top, do a back and baste it ready for the 21st February.


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