Sewing, Sewing

This weekend I’ve just enjoyed doing “nothing”* and have made great leaps and bounds with 3 of my quilts.

I was going to do my placemats, however due to the previously mentioned tension issues I am having I couldn’t do them.  And you know what is totally maddening?  The fact that I couldn’t do them made me want to do them!!

So I worked “leaders and enders” style on 3 quilts.  I finished sewing 136 nine patches for the Nine Patch Medley, I sewed more squares onto Doreen’s Hearts (now with only 20 more to do) and I sewed some more hearts as the picture above.

I am going to put some blue borders around it at 3′ finished and set it out 3 x 3.  The finished block will be 13′ inches square so that will make the quilt 40′ square.

And…. I think I’m going to quilt it myself.  I’m trying to save money this year (pay off loans and save a deposit for a house) so I think for the scrap ones that I do to use up my scraps I will do myself.

Nothing fancy, just stitch in the ditch sort of thing.

Perhaps I will become adventurous and try to do an overall meander?  We’ll see.


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