So for the long weekend I pretty much sat in front of the sewing maching and tv for the whold 3 days.

It was great! 😀

I did get time off for good behaviour Saturday afternoon to visit my Nanna, Sunday night for birthday dinner with my friend and her bf and then this afternoon an unplanned visit to my Great-Aunt with my Grandma and then dinner after.

What did I accomplish?

I started and finished 7 placemat tops, did quite a few more nine patches and also put quite a few more squares on the big white squares.

My next dilemma is that I really want to get a few of these “kits” that I have finished and done however, I now have about 22 butterfly placemats and 7 rose placemats to do.

I was thinking that when I had finished the nine patches and asian squares I would then concentrate on the placemats however, I can’t stand these placemats and really want them done.

The problem is is that I am really, really, really over placemats and don’t want to see another one. The other problem is that I have 29? placemats to go and each one is going to take at least 2 hours each to finish.


I think I’ll work on the placemats and get them done and bore myself to death.


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