Well, I am still oh so very tired from my holiday and the few weeks proceeding it so have spent most of the night on the couch catching up on my blogs and emails.

I then decided to start doing some sewing. Oh, but what to do? The b@#!y placemats, the nine patch medley, the hearts and the list goes on and on and on.
So, I thought I might do some mindless sewing but…

The tension on my machine is out!!!! Waaaaaaa…

Of course it is, what with being the long weekend here in Adelaide and all.

Here I was thinking I’d do a lot of sewing this weekend but nope, it looks like I’m getting the machine serviced and I’ll be doing a lot of hand stuff instead 😥


Ok, so I’ve worked out that if I fiddle with the tension that makes it all better! However, in the long run I’m guessing it will still need a service but for the moment and this weekend that is fine!

So I worked on Doreen’s Hearts with the Nine Patch Medley as a leader/ender. I’ll work on doing some placemats tomorrow.


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