I Can’t Believe….

I can’t believe I’m going to do this. Just the other day I was feeling very stressed as I have so many projects on the go and I don’t seem to be finishing any!

I’ve been following Bonnie’s “Carolina Crossroad Mystery” since the beginning with no intention whatsoever of even participating… well, perhaps not just yet anyways 😛 for a number of reasons.

One is that I’m a control freak and want to see how it is going to turn out and two, is that Bonnie has said that it will finish at 80″ square and I personally don’t like them that big as I hate dealing with that much fabric when I put it all together and also it will cost me quite a few $$$ to get it quilted at the end.

However, I’m now seeing how it is coming together and I’ve been following Nancy’s progress and colours and I’m really enjoying them. And it is now that this quilt is calling my name, begging me to make it.

So, with apologies to Nancy for stealing her colour scheme, I went shopping today for similar fabric. I’m only going to make half the blocks and see how I go and what the final quilt looks like in the Mystery before I decide if I will make it into the full size.

The red I got from my favourite quilt shop, Quiltaholics, and cost me about $35. The black and white fabric is from Spotlight, my other favourite and cost me $30. Hopefully I won’t need too much more as I’m really trying hard to not buy any more fabric or start anymore projects!

So, to assuage my guilt over starting yet another quilt I sat down tonight and finished binding the other table runner that I made last week.

I made 2 from the left over half square triangles that came from a scrap quilt that I started late December.

I finished the other one on the 12th Jan and this one tonight.

Tomorrow, I’m going to work on finishing cutting the green 2″ square for my hexagons, cut some fabric for the Mystery quilt and look at getting at least 1 placemat to the point where I can bind it.



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