Square Bright #2

Finished Size: 46″x38.5″

This is the second half of the quilt to Square Bright #1.

When I was making this quilt this second bit was to go on the bottom of the first bit but then I realised that it would be too big for a lap quilt and I was scared that if I did join it together my Nanna would trip over it so it became two.

I was then also planning on making it reversible but then figured it would be too hard to quilt together straight so it became two seperate quilts in their own entireity.

When I showed my Nanna the fabrics in May 05 she didn’t like them at all and thought that they were much too bright.

So I finished off the other one and gave it to my Melbourne next door neighbour. See Square Bright #1 for the full story.

When I had finished Square Bright #1, I realised where I had gone wrong in making it as I was still new to the patchwork thing so I had my Grandma undo all of the sewing that I had done to finish the top of this quilt off and I started again. This one ended up much more straight and most of the corners met this time.

It also made finishing it off when quilting it much easier to do. It was also the first time that I did quilting on the border. I wanted to do something other than straight lines and found this leaf pattern in a stencil which turned out quite well.

So when my Nanna came over for Xmas Eve I was doing the show and tell that everyone expects and she then told me that it was beautiful.

I of course then got a bit annoyed at her and told her that she could have had it a lot sooner but she had previously told me that it was too bright and she didn’t like it.

I then finished it in January soon after Xmas and gave it to her.

Soon after finishing it I left it out for an afternoon and came into the lounge room to see that it had gotten the Cat Seal of Approval from Fred.

She was and still is very worried that someone will steal it from her as she lives in a nursing home where things do go “missing” quite regularly. She told me the other night again that I should take it home as every time she has it out she gets a lot of attention. I told her that was the whole point and why I made it so bright.

Everytime she tells me this I tell her not to worry and if they are mean enough to steal it I will make her another one and and as long as she enjoys it that’s all that matters.

Don’t know if that helps her at all but I’m seriously not worried about it. I refuse to take it home on the off chance that some drop kick might steal it. As long as she is getting pleasure from it that’s all that matters to me.

And this is my beautiful Nanna with her quilt.

Love k


2 thoughts on “Square Bright #2

  1. This is what I would call a “happy” quilt. The colours are cheerful and I imagine it would brighten any dull day. I love it. Your Nana is one lucky lady.

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